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Cool artists (mostly) that are on Twitter!

Scooblee Xinus22 Sharbs MistSomething Jake S. Del Mastro Taxiderby Atrox Penny Parker Stryder7x PotterSoft


Prequel (Kazerad) - Linear, Fantasy

Rae the Doe (Olive Brinker) - Non-Linear, Humor

Kiwi Blitz (Mary Cagle, Grace Liu) - Linear, Drama, Action, Sci-Fi

Pepper & Carot (David Revoy) - Non-Linear, Humor, Fantasy

Brawl in the Family (Matthew Taranto) - Discontinued, Non-Linear, Humor

Let's Speak English (Mary Cagle) - Discontinued, Linear, Slice-of-Life, Humor

sChIzO (Mister-Saturn) - Discontiued, Linear, Slice-of-Life, Drama, Humor

If I (Mister-Saturn) - ??? (haven't read but it looks good!)

Also I'm just gonna defer you to Spriteclad's webcomic list because they're a lot more into webcomics than I am.