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Published 2020-04-01

Vizka standing in a room

Congratulations dingus. You just had to go off and die. Now you're just kinda floating here I guess. gg. 10/10.

> Look at calendar

Close-up of a calendar

Today, the 1st of April 2020, is a day of absolutely no significance. That being said, April 5th is circled on this calendar here, and it's labeled "Viz's Birthday".

You have absolutely no idea who Viz is. Although your name is "Vizka". So maybe that's related. Who knows.

> Look outside

Vizka beautifully smooshed against the window

Yep. That's an outside alright. I'm very very glad you pressed your nose right up against the glass to confirm that. You look beautiful today Vizka.

View of Park City

If you had to describe what you're seeing, you'd say it's some sort of city, but also a park? A park city...

The weather seems very nice out. You kinda really want to enjoy this partly cloudy, breezy day.

> Put on hat

Vizka, smugly having acquired a hat

Can't live life without looking your sharpest. You're sure whatever dweeb picked this up at Hot Topic in 2013 had a long, long argument with the cashier about how it was actually a trillby, not a fedora. Thankfully, you're above that level of...

A piece of paper slips out of the hat

...wait. That's a receipt that just fell out. Your receipt. It literally has your name on it. Your past was, well, forget that. It's in the past now.

I guess if you're in some idyllic afterlife or whatever, it makes sense your laughable fashion choices are as well. Geez, maybe your checkered vans are around here too...

> Stop lollygagging and commit gay crimes

Yeah! Nothing can keep you inside! Not even

Quarantine warning

...okay, that will. Are dead people vulnerable to viruses? Whatever. It's not really worth going out anyways. No point in going outside when everyone's social distancing and flattening the curve and all that other stuff the cool kids are doing.

> Check the computer

Close-up of a computer screen

Much like you, this computer is an obsolete dinosaur. The instant messenger app is open and seems to be quite busy.

> Check messenger app

Messenger window with non-descript text

viz: So I just ordered some new lightbulbs for my place
viz: and they're not going to ship for the next three weeks?!
frix: huh. i just got that vhs tape i ordered shipped to me within a few days
exo: If you don't hear from them in a month, *shrug*
violet: I heard there were some folks from the next town over hoarding them all.
violet: Something about "basking in the glow in the bulb"? IDK.
viz: Of course. Well, I'm almost out of lightbulbs now.
viz: What am I supposed to do until then, just sit here in the dark?
viz: I've already been taking this quarantine thing badly, I don't need this on top of it.
scoli: Maybe you could try and work on that one project you were talking about yesterday
viz: hhhhhh... I'll *try*. Kinda been sapped of motivation lately

> Troll Viz

Vizka trolling and banging on the keyboard

vizka: Like you had any to begin with nerd
viz: shut.
sprite: who even are you anyways?
vizka: someone who doesn't mope around all day feeling sad and depressed
viz: Huh, what a surprise, so am I.
vizka: You were about to cry over a light8ul8
viz: Well my apologies for wanting to see things besides my computer screen
vizka: What do you mean? It's not like you ever leave the thing
viz: I totally do all the time
vizka: When's the last time you drew something?
vizka: Or wrote an thingy for your website?
vizka: Or did anything at all to fix your pathetic miserable life?
viz: That's none of your damn concern
[vizka was banned by exo]

A shame you got the banhammer so quickly, but still, that felt good. Maybe on her birthday you'll send this "viz" person a smashed up lightbulb just to spite her.

Oh hey, an email.

> Check email

From: administrator
To: vizka

Look, I don't know who you are, but seriously? Viz has been
dealing with some personal stuff lately, and she doesn't owe
you anything. But she's still an amazing friend regardless.

If you're going to stick around, you need to learn that
there is no obligation to look busy here.
No need to feed the social media feed
or to drown its floods of content.

We’re about making the most of what we have
our servers, our people, our communities.
We don't ever concern ourselves with doing "enough".
Frankly, the concept's completely silly anyways.

And unlike you, we do not discriminate, we do not hate.
If you're up for something new for your bitter soul,
Instead, maybe, try to learn, grow, and forgive.
Everyone has their own wonderfully unique interests.
We believe every expression of self is to be cherished.
We THRIVE on that. It's a shame you can't.

Come back when you've grown up, Vizka.

Ouch. You almost cared. Whatever. Dweebs. What else is on this computer anyways?

> InvisibleUp
> Park City