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Here's some of the artwork and other stuff I made. I also have a fanart gallery full of pictures of my stuff drawn by other people, which is super rad if you ask me.

Name Date Format Tags Description
Park City GB 2020-08-05 img art, digital, viz Me and a few of my friends as seen on the character select screen for an obscure GameBoy game. That's my friends Roxie and Roseknight, to clarify.
Quick n' Dirty Amy 2020-08-05 img art, digital Trying to remember how brushes other than the pixel art brush work, mostly. And also I wanted to draw something that wasn't my sona. Yes, I realize I had the brush size too high here. Oh well.
SnekViz using a Mac 2020-07-19 img art, digital, viz What if Viz was a snake and okay I'll stop the gag now. Little promo art I made for my Mac emulator project.
Holly Glaceon's Rooftop Chat 2020-07-08 img art, digital A little gift art for the admin of my Mastodon server,
Reference sheet?? 2020-07-04 img art, digital, viz Made a reference sheet for the OCs I've made. Plus a new one; a fictional girlfriend character so I can perhaps draw cute lesbian art because did I mention I like girls? (I have a few grips w/ ghost Viz on this; probably gonna redo eventually)
Viz in Lesbians 2020-07-04 img art, digital, viz Speaking of cute lesbian art...
Snake Viz for NES 2020-06-22 img art, pixel, viz What if Viz was a snake and also the mascot of an obscure, B-tier NES game?
Cursed Viz tails 1 2020-06-21 img art, digital, viz What if Viz had legs, but also a tail? It's... interesting?
Cursed Viz tails 2 2020-06-21 img art, digital, viz What if Viz had a really, *really* long tail?
Snake Viz 2020-06-21 img art, digital, viz What if Viz was a snake? I actually really liked this one, and used it as my main sona for a bit.
Viz - 2020-06-11 2020-06-11 img art, digital, viz Yet another front page Viz, because heck it. Slightly softer body shape, because that fits the character design I think? Yes, this is based on the Vizka image.
Roseknight's Lumi 2020-05-11 img art, digital Roseknight's character Lumi, ready to duke it out with some cans of whipped cream
Violet the Pokémon Trainer 2020-02-24 img art, digital Violet Radd's gotta catch 'em all! It's her and her favorite Pokémon, Mimikyu.
Basil and Sage 2020-02-09 img art, digital Exo's fursona Basil and their girlfriend's sona Sage hugging each other. owo
Basil and Sage 2020-02-09 img art, digital Exo's fursona Basil and their girlfriend's sona Sage hugging each other. owo
Vizka 2020-01-29 img art, digital, viz Vriska but Viz. Injokes gone right.
Elly found your technical difficulties 2020-01-23 img art, digital And she certainly didn't have a fun time tracking it down. This is Frix's OC Elly, a fox girl who's into tech stuff.
Viz being a dork 2019-12-31 img art, digital, viz Colorized and extended version of the Viz drawing from 2019-12-11. I threw her in the Salior Moon pose because come on, ya gotta. I also added pupils, just because I was curious. I don't hate them.
Viz - Sonic 2 pose 2019-12-26 img art, digital, viz I had just gotten a drawing tablet for Christmas (everything before this was with an old ball mouse, yes, really), so I tested it out with, gee, i wonder, my sona? of course. Except she's doing the pose Sonic did in the Sonic 2 title screen. Variety is the spice of life.
Niko! 2019-12-26 img art, digital I had also bought OneShot for myself for Christmas, so I drew the game's very adorable protagonist.
Baby Sonic 2019-12-26 img art, digital And lastly, because everybody on the internet wouldn't shut up about him, here's baby sonic
ASCII Viz 2019-12-23 img art, digital, retro, viz Viz drawn in ASCII, for my gopher site
Rae the Doe Winter Outfit 2019-12-15 img art, digital Olive Brinker, creator of Rae the Doe, was asking for ideas for winter outfits. I drew this up in MS Paint real quick. It's like her normal outfit, but wintery!
Park City portraits (part 1) 2019-12-11 img art, traditional I was really really in the mood to draw one day so I drew *everyone*. In order starting clockwise from top-right: InvisibleUp, Spriteclad, PajamaFrix and Attackatosh's OC Dexter Lux
Park City portraits (part 2) 2019-12-11 img art, traditional From left to right: Scoliwings' OC Eric, and Kato's OC
OC reference sheet for 2019-12-11 img art, traditional Exo wanted a pine marten OC, I wanted to draw, so I drafted up a character sheet. Turns out exo was thinking a little differently than what I was thinking but still, it definitely helped the character design process along.
Viz - 2019-09-21 2019-09-21 img art, digital, viz Felt like redrawing Viz, yanking some ideas from the version Roseknight drew. I think it turned out very well.
Viz playing a Gameboy 2018-07-21 img art, traditional, viz I was bored waiting to get my scanner back. Drew a thing. Tried colored pencils, and I like how that turned out. Ditto with the red pen. Too much black ink, though.
Chillin' in National Park 2018-06-04 img art, digital The Pokémon Gold and Silver betas had just dropped, along with the trailer for the new Pokémon games for the Switch. So I combined the new Let's Go protagonist with the beta Tangela. I like the line art (weird mouth aside), but the coloring is just lazy, really.
Persona 2018-04-05 img art, sketch, viz Ya know, sometimes when you feel a bit... constrained, having an outlet as freeform as this is pretty nice. Yeah, that's me there. Hi.
Waiting for the bus 2018-04-04 img art, digital I saw this guy on YouTube do these Toei Sonic tutorials. Made my own. Added a Blaze in there, too. The coloring is a bit strange, but the best I've done yet.
Ghost Under the Light 2018-03-30 img art, sketch, viz Get it? DDLC reference! Inspired by one time when I went out biking and came across a burnt-out street lamp in the middle of a field behind a old school, just calmy blinking on.... and off.....
Shades 2018-03-15 text poetry
Mario Running 2018-03-11 img art, digital Wanted to draw this for March 10 (MAR10), but I was a day late. I like it, but the shading could have turned out a little better.
@Taxiderby's Puro 2018-03-01 img art, digital Saw this cool character design for a new Kirby 64-esque game on Twitter. Had to draw her. Inking could be better, but that's what I get for using an ancient version of Photoshop.
Opposite bodies 2018-02-22 img art, sketch Drew the basic shapes for a tall skinny man and a short fat woman. The woman definitely looks weird, because I'm not great at drawing fat yet. Also I don't think people are typically that short, at least not with 6-head proportions.
Robot companion 2018-02-20 img art, sketch I was naughty and doodled during math class. :3 (I paid attention and took notes too, don't worry.) Decided to hash out some ideas for a robot companion, from a couple different stylistic eras. I like 2 and 3 the best, in a WALL-E and EVE sort of way. I'm absolutely going to use this somewhere somehow.
Inviz clothing ideas 2018-02-19 img art, sketch, viz I decided to try out a more realistic body type here, and it kiiiinda works? I was still deciding between legs or no legs. And clothes. I threw some clothing ideas at the wall to see what stuck. When I drew it I liked the first and fifth ones the most, and I used the first one some, but ultimately I chose the second one. It actually uses the colors from my old site logo, so it's kinda fitting.
Dr. Coyle 2018-02-07 img art, pixel I was getting a little into ARMS for the Switch, and I was just sorta digging Dr. Coyle's whole look. This drawing? It's meh. The face feels a bit off and the eyes aren't quite as "insane" as I want. DotPict doesn't let you move things around which makes fixing stuff a pain. I like the hair, though.
Inviz pixel art 2018-02-06 img art, pixel, viz Drew this out on my phone, and then later on my computer. Getting warmer...
Inviz floating outside 2018-02-06 img art, pixel, viz More playing around on my phone. I like the background here.
Inviz character concepts 2018-02-05 img art, sketch, viz The idea of a sona had been kicking around my head, and I wanted to get it down on paper for the first time. Still feeling things out...
Picnic 2018-02-02 text poetry
Solve for X 2018-02-02 text poetry
Yuri from DDLC stroking her hair 2018-01-25 video animated, art, blender Messing around with Blender and an absurd amount of Photoshop layers. The breathing is a bit dramatic, in hindsight.