Oregon Trail

Oregon Trail 1.2 (Windows)

It's been a very long time since I've done anything with this, so pardon the low quality and lackluster notes.



This should be every single sprite and backdrop from the game, as far as I know. They're all 8-bit uncompressed linear (BMP-like) image data that uses a global palette.


For everything classified by the game as "music", they're either the .MID files (self explanatory), or the .M and .S files (Mono and Stereo .wav files, respectively) Just rename them to .wavs if you want to listen to them.

Sound Effects

For the SFX, they're .wav files sprawled across the .DLL, but there might be some in the .EXE. Just search for RIFF????WAVE (assuming wildcards are enabled) in a hex editor, then copy a good chunk of it (or if you're smart, read the WAV header and copy exactly the right amount) into a blank file and save it as whatever.wav.

EXE/DLL notes

Seems to have been originally made to be compiled in Borland C++ 3.0. May have been recompiled for Win32 in Borland C++ 5.0. Seems to be programmed more like a GUI application than a video game, as it uses a LOT of dynamic memory allocation and Win32 resources. The game seems to be split into an EXE (business logic, core resources) and a DLL (almost entirely resources), presumably to keep memory usage low on older computers.

Locations of some things:

To disable dialog at Kansas River Crossing, NOP out 0x2E95C4 (EXE) to 0x2E960C