Sonic R

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Sonic R Mod Loader

The Sonic R Mod Loader by MainMemory is required to install any mods for the 2004 version of the game. Comes with HD and widescreen support, cheats, and a debug message viewer.

Download: GitHub

Sonic R Updater

Use this to convert any old CD copy of Sonic R into one that includes the Mod Loader and a selection of useful mods.

Download: GameBanana

Importers and Exporters

Want to import characters or tracks and use them in your own projects? Want to make your own characters? Look no further!

Track Importer

Imports tracks into your 3D modelling program. Users of the Blender add-on also get vertex colors and additional metadata.

Track -> OBJ (commandline): GitHub

Track -> BLEND (Blender Addon): GitHub

Track Exporter

WIP. Doesn't exist yet.

Note: custom tracks will require the (also non-existent) Custom Track Loader mod.

Character Importer

Converts character model data to an usable format. (Does not handle animations or shading.)

Model -> OBJ (commandline): GitHub

Character Exporter

The OBJ converter only works with one texture page and doesn't handle animations or shading.

OBJ -> Model (commandline): GitHub

Mods (1998 version)

Note that any future mods will be created for the 2004 version of the game, as it's a much better base to work off of.

Everything except Redux is distributed as IPS patch files. I recommend LunarIPS to apply these patches

Sonic Redux

First sizable mod of Sonic R. Replaces characters and adds new abilities.

CPU Startup Fix

Fixes the crash that happens when booting the game on a computer made any time within the past 15 years.

CD Check Skip

Skips the CD verification check. Might also disable CD audio.

Disable Blinking

When importing custom models, the blinking subroutine will replace the textures of random polygons on the new mesh with the eye textures. You almost certainly don't want this, so this disables the blinking entirely.

Slope Fix

Applies the slope fix as described in this article. It may or may not do anything meaningful.

Mods (2004 version)

These mods require the Mod Loader or the Updater, listed above.


Adds custom menu support for easy editing and quick launching from the command line.

Saturn Style Colors

Fixes the vertex colors in the game to show up properly, like the Saturn rendered them.


Coming once I port Redux's character loader to the 2004 version.


IDA Disassembly

If you're developing an in-depth mod, having access to the game's internal logic is essential. Here's some disassemblies I've been working on that will be useful.

1998 Version: GitHub. Requires IDA Free 5.0, which is no longer up for download.

2004 Version: Still working on it! Reference against the 1998 version in the meantime.

Track Dumps

Here's every track from Sonic R, in BLEND format. This includes the tracks that aren't tracks, like the title screen and the menus.

All Tracks (.BLEND): .ZIP (12.5 MB)

Character Models

Sonic R has characters. Here they are in state-of-the-art-as-of-1997 3D! The models are in .OBJ format, so they should work fine in Blender or 3DS Max or whatever.

Note that the poses I chose are completely arbitrary and totally wrong.