Aqua and Ashes

This is a Game Boy game I'm working on. Read the dev log if you're into looking in to how one of these is made. Keep in mind that I have no hecking clue what I'm doing!

The general idea here is that there are two opposing teams, the Snow Foxes and the Sun Geckos. There are two large bonfire pits on each side of a grassy field. The Snow Foxes want the fire gone, the Sun Geckos want it to burn. With a single torch and a single bucket, they play what is effectively a very stripped down game of Football to determine who gets their way.

This is designed to be a simple but still fun game that I can use to ease into the idea of making games for retro hardware. The playfield is only a couple screens long and one screen tall, there are a whole 3 types of objects in the game, and I plan on keeping it within 32K.

I'll write more here when I actually get more than just a couple of sprites drawn.